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Since its establishment in 2018, eship has been a modern enterprise, proud of its in-depth involvement in the research, production, sales and OEM of medical supplies and equipment. Our R & D team has successfully independently developed a wide range of thermal detectors and audiometers, which are 15-20% more accurate than competitors on the market. Our products have passed CE, FDA, GB and YY certification, mainly around disease prevention, medical protection and thermal energy and hearing detection:
· Medical grade mask (disposable)
· Disinfection mask
· N95 respirator
· Disposable gloves
· Waterproof dress
· Disinfectant
·  protective glasses
· Ultraviolet sterilizer
· Forehead thermometer
· Digital thermometer watch
·  Ventilator
In the past 14 years, we have been committed to providing protection for families and hospitals, and are committed to providing first-class products and excellent services in the fields of disease prevention, medical protection, and thermal energy and hearing detection. Our assembly line has 15 production lines for medical masks and 5 production lines for fluid-resistant suits, producing a total of 3 million masks and 3,000 robes every day. We surpassed the Chinese market with more than 15% market share-200 million masks and 100,000 dresses were provided during the peak of the COVID-19 epidemic in China. We have also made great efforts for environmental sustainability by carefully allocating resources, reducing unnecessary waste, and recycling reusable materials.
Authorized dealer brand: 3M ResMed Weinmann
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